The Exercise That Beats Them All!

We all know that we should be moving our bodies regularly because exercise is important to our physical and mental health. But does it matter how we break a sweat, or are all workouts good enough, as long as we do them?

When a group of doctors was asked about the best forms of physical activity, one was a clear favorite, above weightlifting, running, and brisk walking: yoga.Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretchingSo, what’s so great about yoga?

Well, it has the benefits of being a workout and relaxing your busy mind at the same time! And not all sweat sessions can do that. Even if you don’t have a whole hour to dedicate to it, a few minutes of yoga has health perks.

Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of “Younger,” starts each day with yoga and meditation for a half hour. At least a few minutes of yoga a day is good for mind and body and comes highly doctor recommended!

There are all kinds of yoga practices that you can add to your fitness routine. I personally LOVE the Hot Yoga classes at Studio at The Alaska Club! Their 1,600 square foot hot yoga studio is to die for.

Of course, if hot yoga is too intense for you, join The Alaska Club at Yoga In The Park!!! It starts TONIGHT downtown on the Park Strip from 6-7pm. Like and follow The Alaska Club and Studio at The Alaska Club on Facebook for updates on events! You can also see the hot yoga schedule by going to

I'm really excited to add yoga into my regular routine. My awesome trainer, Logan, also loves yoga/hot yoga so it'll be great to have him as a motivator!

Grab the kids, (well behaved) pets, and all of your friends and join us tonight at Yoga In The Park with The Alaska Club <3

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