My Official Hair-Inspo

You know how women change their hair so much? Wanna know why we do it?

Well, 'science' says it's because we crave control. When all things in our life are going crazy, us ladies need/want to know that we can control something! This includes our HAIR!

The great thing about hair is that you can get instant satisfaction. You want a color change? No problem. Wanna chop it all off? No problem!


Sometimes, we can take the change too far.

(I'm talkin' about chemical processing)

I've gone back and forth between having blonde hair and black hair about 3-4 times now. Do you know how damaging that is to your hair?! I mean, it's common sense that doing that just can't be healthy!

I was craving instant gratification.

When I walked into The Loft Hair Design and said I wanted to chop my hair off, the girls all collectively sighed with relief! They told me, "We're not sure if your ends could even hold color at all, they're so dead!"

Oh noooo!

But that's okay, 'cause I was MORE than ready for a change!!!

I brightened up my blonde, chopped almost 6 inches off, AND got a Brazillian Blowout. It almost doesn't get anymore drastic than that!

Now that I listened to my stylists, I can try more fun colors!!!

You see this?!^ That is the next shade of blonde I want to go for!

I know that, even though my hair has been processed so much in the past, I can get to this color safely because the girls at The Loft know exactly what they're doing. They actually care about their clients enough to say "that'll take a few appointments" and "let's take it slow so your hair doesn't fall out" instead of doing something that turns out ugly/unhealthy.

(I've legit had a guy leave highlight foils in so long that the hair burned off to about 3 inches long for every bleached strand... Not fun)

I'm only trusting my hair in the hands of mah girls. They saved it AND my sanity!

Walk-in's are welcome at The Loft Hair Design (dependent on stylist availability), so go see them on the corner of Abbott and Lake Otis today! Also follow their Instagram @theloftak :)

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