Alaska Airlines SWEEPSTAKES!

Alaska Airlines presents... The CLUB 49 Summer Sweepstakes!!!

How do you sign up? Just "like" Club 49's Facebook page to win your share of 250,000 Alaska Airlines Miles!

This week, one lucky person could win 20,000 miles! Next week, 30,000, etc. The winner of the grand prize will be announced June 24th. Guess what the grand prize is....

110,000 Alaska Airlines Miles!!!


Get all the perks of being a Club 49 member today!

Perks include:
-2 free checked bags to/from Alaska on Alaska Airlines
-3 free checked bags when traveling in state
-Last minute Travel Now discounts
-Weekly travel destination deals
-It's FREE!

The deal of the week is Palm Springs for only $199 one way! Sign up for the Club 49 Insider to get the deals FIRST!

Club 49 is for Alaskan residents ONLY, so if you've been here long enough to qualify for residency, you're in!!! If you're military, moved here for work, or you've come to Alaska to "get away", Club 49 is here for you!

Follow the link below to enter, and don't forget to like Club 49 on Facebook!

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