Affordable Luxury

Who's got the deals? The Ultimate Mattress Store does!

I hear a lot of my friends complain about how expensive mattresses are. They say "it's not worth the money"...


However, I can totally understand wanting to save some cash. Hello, I'm a broke college student too.

What's so great about the Ultimate Mattress Store is that they strive to bring you the most luxurious comfort at the best price!

My Foresight mattress in the iComfort Series by Serta is the most comfortable and cost effective mattress I've ever had. I'm saving more in the long run because I sleep well, perform better at work, AND won't have to replace it for years since it's such good quality.

Check out this awesome deal:


Right?! That's a lot of savings right there!

What are you waiting for? Test nap these mattresses today at the Ultimate Mattress Store on New Seward and Benson!


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