Alien: Covenant - Why am I doing this to myself?

Ok. So this weekend, we get the latest Alien offering Covenant. And according to director Ridley Scott, it's the beginning of a prequel trilogy that happens after Prometheus (and treats Prometheus as a one off that is not part of said NEW TRILOGY). That alone is confusing enough and is making me even more doubtful of seeing Alien: Covenant. I can't even begin to go into the absurd amount of confusing detail about all of this so click here to get it straight from the horse's director's mouth

My purpose here is to let you know that the early word about Alien: Covenant is good. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 73% at the time of this posting with the bonus CERTIFIED FRESH label! Friends who have seen it SUGGEST that you see Prometheus first and THAT...IS A BAD SIGN FOR ME! As an Alien and sci-fi fan, I HATED PROMETHEUS! See below for a good tongue in cheek, however, pretty decent summation of why!

But, with all that being said, the trailers and positive reviews have me skeptically testing the waters this weekend! I'll be back later with a full report. We can share notes! Peep the Alien:Covenant and even Prometheus trailers below! And we'll talk Monday on air if we all got hoodwinked into checking out another pile of poo that is apparently the beginning of another trilogy. Jeesh. Trying to keep up with all this is exasperating

And because I can't help it and I HATED Prometheus SO MUCH...enjoy HOW IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED!

And this too...because I really really really hated...I'm beating a dead horse aren't I. 

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