Be 100% For Summer!

I was browsing Facebook this morning and saw that one of my friends had injured herself hiking! In her post, she said she stepped wrong, heard a pop, and fell. Luckily, she didn't have any immediate pain, but she said that when she woke up this morning, OUCH!

I told her she needed to go see the Alaska Foot and Ankle Specialists. I've known Dr. Matt Heilala practically my whole life, so I trust the board-certified team of specialists at AFAS!

The worst part? She said this has happened to her before! OH NO! The reason it's happened again could be because of weakening of that ankle and improper care of previous injuries in the past. Summer JUST got here... would you want to be injured going into the season's activities???

The answer to that should be a big, fat no.

I love this ^ because getting back in motion is what you should be wanting to do as this amazing time of year approaches! Whatever your goals this summer, let the Alaska Foot and Ankle Specialists get you to your best foot and ankle health so you can reach for the stars.

Check out their newly revamped website at today!

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