This Car... Parks Itself

You read that right, my car parks itself.

I've been driving the 2017 VW Golf Alltrack for the past few weeks and there is never a dull moment in this car. Whether we're tailgating, taking a road/camping trip, or trying to park downtown on the weekend, my friends and I are having a blast!

Story time!

I found the perfect parking spot downtown. I mean, right in front of the building I was going into, and I remembered that my car has Park Assist, a feature where the car helps judge if a parking spot is large enough for it and steers the vehicle into the space. I seriously only have to operate the accelerator, brake, and shifter.

Now, before you say anything, YES! I know how to parallel park! But why on Earth would I deny my car the ability to do it for itself? If YOU don't know how to parallel park, this is great because it just does it for you!

Check out the video below!

I'm loving all of the useful features in this car. I can't forget about Park Pilot though. It utilizes all of the cars exterior sensors and tells you how close you might be getting to obstacles like other cars or trees.

You've got to test drive one for yourself at Kendall Volkswagen of Anchorage. I loved my experience with their knowledgeable staff because they don't follow you around like vultures trying to force you to buy a car. They're like family; wanting to get you in the safest and most stylish car that suites your lifestyle.

Stop by on 10th and Gambell and test drive the VW Golf Alltrack today!

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