Child Abducted in Social Experiment... CRAZY

I'm not a parent myself, but I can just imagine the horrible feeling one could get when they realize they can't find their child.

We all know Joey Salads for his "social experiment" videos on YouTube. Some people love him, and some people hate him.

In this one floating around Facebook, what appears to be the child's mother sets up the father whom she suspects of not paying attention when he has time with his son.

Well... She was proved right.

The dad is filmed paying attention to his phone while Joey walks up to the child and starts talking to him and giving him candy. He then asks the child if he wants more, to which the kiddo replies yes, and Joey takes him by the hand and they run away in the direction of the mom. She then goes up to the dad, who at this point realizes his son is gone, and tells him he's been set up.

I can't believe it was so simple. Parents, pay attention to your kids and PLEASE teach them not to talk to strangers.

Watch the video below.

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