Time for Color!

If you know me, you KNOW I'm addicted to changing my hair!

We read a study the other day that explained why women change their hair so often. Not only do we love the instant gratification, but it remains one of the tangible things we can control in our lives! When all heck breaks loose, change your hair!

That's my motto anyways...

Before I reveal the latest change, here's a little bit more about The Loft Hair Design:


A Letter from The Loft feat. Mandy and Whitney

We have owned The Loft just under two years now and let us tell you, this experience has been a dream turned reality! We both grew up in small town Kenai, Alaska right next door to each other. We have been friends for over half our lives and share the same passion for providing self-confidence to our local community through the art of hair styling SO why not combine said passion and create a salon home for the most talented beauty team and raddest clients?!

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that fuses small town love with big city flavor, in hopes that you can walk into our salon and feel right at home. Pour yourself a warm cup of coffee, cozy up, let us pamper you while we get to know each other! We very much hope that you feel just as at home as we do here. The sense of community and “home” that we have built within our walls is our most valued asset-- next only to the insane talent of our staff who pride themselves in luxury hair and skin care.

We are so excited to invite the community to come check out The Loft's ongoing facelift as we bring a fresh face to the industry in South Anchorage. No matter where you are in your hair journey, we are eagerly waiting for you to make an appointment so we can help you express your own unique style.

Sincerely, The Loft Hair Design


I love these ladies so much!!! Give them a call today at 907-522-5638.

Now, I am OBSESSED with my hair. I know, I know. I've said it before but these ladies just keep wowing me!

At my last appointment I saw Mandy for some brightening up to my oober bleached hair and needed a trim on my undercut.



AHHH!!! It's silver!!!!

OMG look at how long it is! Even with a cut! It's amazing what healthy hair can look like.

Oh... One more thing...

BOOM! Yep, that just happened.

Like I said before; it doesn't matter what you're looking for, the stylists at the loft can do it for you.

I am SO in love with how my hair turned out! Even so... I'm kind of wanting to go in a different direction for summer.

What will I do next?!

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