The Road Less Travelled

Even though I was born and raised here in Alaska, I never would have described myself as "outdoorsy". I liked to be out side and do outdoor activities, of course, but I wouldn't choose it over a weekend of binging "Girl Boss" on Netflix...

Now though? It's completely reversed. I cannot stand even the thought of staying indoors on a beautiful day when there are so many places to go and sights to see! The main thing getting me out of the door is...

My car!

If you hate your car, raise your hand.

That's just sad. Why should you settle for some mediocre thing that you don't even enjoy driving?!

In my 2017 VW Golf Alltrack, I've been presented with the opportunity of taking the road less traveled.

Gravel? I got it. Mud? Totally cool. Rocky terrain that's as unforgiving as it is beautiful? No worries.

I actually WANT to get outside and drive out to the valley. I'm totally down for hauling our stuff to Girdwood and having a picnic at Virgin Falls. These are things I've actually complained about before! UGH.

The VW Golf Alltrack is so much fun to drive. It's engineered for outstanding handling and performance. It honestly feels similar to a crossover or SUV! I can drive confidently knowing that my 4Motion all-wheel drive distributes power to all four tires for on- and off-road driving. No matter the weather or road conditions, I know I'll be fine in my Alltrack!

I call it "The Adventure Car" because it seriously makes me want to go on an adventure!

Image result for going on an adventure gifIf you're an outgoing Alaskan, this is the car for you. Test drive the VW Golf Alltrack today at Kendall Volkswagen of Anchorage on 10th and Gambell!


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