Luxury and Compromise

Luxury. Ahhh how we all would love to live in it.

Well, sadly, that's not the case for some of us. We don't have copious amounts of money to spend on frivolous things.

The thing you should be spending your money on is a new mattress.

Hear me out!

We spend a third, that's 1/3, of our lives in bed. Seriously! Why wouldn't you want to invest in the most luxurious sleep? They say that our car and our mattress are the most important things we can purchase for daily life, and I completely agree.

That's why, when I went to the Ultimate Mattress Store, I wanted to find a mattress that would be the best for me. However, I wasn't just shopping for myself.

Max and I had planned on moving in together shortly after I picked out my Serta iComfort, so I knew we would have to compromise on just how firm or soft the mattress would be. Max likes EXTRA soft (ugh) while I still like to have some support to my pillowy-soft sleep.

The Foresight mattress from the iComfort line by Serta was the perfect compromise for us! It's a medium-soft mattress with gel foam that supports me in all the right places and lulls him to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

What I didn't plan on was, wait for it...



Taking up all of my leg room!!!

Luckily I invested in one of the amazing mattress protectors they carry at the Ultimate Mattress Store. Otherwise, our bed would be one yellow, furry monstrosity. (Potty training was rough)

River cannot get enough of our mattress! She loves to jump up into bed as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning and make herself comfortable. It's by far the most luxurious mattress she'll ever sleep on.

Find the mattress you BOTH (or the three of you) will love at the Ultimate Mattress Store on New Seward and Benson.

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