May Update with The Alaska Club

May 2017

Weight: 187.5

Body Fat %: 32.5

Diet: Paleo, No Alcohol


Hey all,

Now, I know you're looking at those stats and wondering, "how is your weight lower but your body fat % almost the same?". Well, it's a point lower than it was before, so it counts!

I have had more successes than struggles this month so that's a WIN for me!!! My Paleo diet is going well, only a few cheat days, but my workout schedule has struggled a teeny bit.

Max and I took a trip to Montana to visit his mom, sister, and other family, so I wasn't in the gym for almost a week! I made sure to make smart eating decisions, though, and I think I did pretty well given the circumstances. I did have an alcoholic drink, but more on that later.

I lost weight!!! YAY! My trainer, Logan, and I started focusing more on incorporating cardio into my fitness routine and, though I hate cardio with a burning passion, I can't deny its benefits.

For my body type, Endomorph, I need to have a strict diet and a good mix of strength training and cardio to really lose body fat. I was focusing more on strength training with my workouts before, but as soon as I focused on my eating habits and added cardio, the progress began to show!

Time for a motivational fitness meme!

^^^It's so true. Slow progress is better than none at all! Logan always tells me that and that's the mentality I have right now. It seems to be working pretty well.

On top of my Paleo diet, I cut out alcohol. Here's where ish gets real.

I noticed recently that alcohol was part of my daily life. If I went over to a friend's house, I brought a bottle of wine. If friends were having parties, I'd bring a bottle of spirits. I was drinking 2 glasses of wine every night...


One day, I had a bad day and thought, I'll just go home, eat some pizza and drink some wine. It'll be fine. Well, one glass of wine turned into a Bloody Mary which turned into a Screwdriver.

Hmm. Problem?

Some of you are probably reading this like, "come on, it's not that bad!" or "you had a bad day, you deserved to unwind!". But, shouldn't I be able to unwind in different ways?

My mom's side of the family has a history of alcoholism. Sorry to throw it out there, some people are ashamed of it, but I'm not. Mama always taught me to be strong when it came to alcohol, that I didn't have to drink just to fit in, and that it's fine every once in a while, but to not become dependent on it.

Once I turned 21 and started going out on weekends, I started gaining weight.

Image result for coincidence i think not gifI also started spending all of my money. Soooo, there's that.

I didn't like the way my mind automatically thought of alcohol when I thought of having fun with friends, so I stopped drinking it.

Just like that.

And it was great! I've lost weight, I can see the definition coming back to my body, and, while it might not all be because of abstaining from drinking, I feel better!

I had one wine spritzer (so shoot me) in Montana but we were with family and I thought about the situation. It was offered to me and I thought "Do I need more? Or am I okay with having just one?". I decided I could make the choice to have one and not feel dependent.

Everything in moderation, right? Right!

I feel blessed to have the opportunities I do to focus on me. Not a lot of people have that luxury, but just remember, you are worth it. You're worth the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get the body and mentality you want. Don't let anyone take your confidence away from you. I certainly didn't!

Something I'd love to incorporate into my routine in the coming months is working out with friends. I have such a busy schedule that it can be hard getting together. However, there are so many classes at The Alaska Club and a few work into everyone's schedule! I love doing candlelit yoga with my girls, and they even have a new water yoga class!


I'm so excited to try it out! You can sign up too at

If I can leave you with any advice, it's this:

Don't put your health on the back burner. Find out what works best for you and stick to it if you want to see/feel results. I did and I'm definitely reaping the benefits!

A huge "thank you" to my friends at The Alaska Club for always lifting me up when I'm down. I couldn't do this without you.


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