I'm In Love With My New Hair!

I finally did something with my hair!

You all know I looove changing it. I've gone back and forth between blonde and black hair too many times to count now. Well, that has left my hair feeling like dolls hair when you try to curl it.

Frizzy. As. Heck.

Here's a before for reference:

This was after a wash with no added product. Au' natural, people! Besides the blonde of course.

I've fallen in love with my blonde hair over the past few months! I think I'm definitely going to keep it for a while.

As you can tell from the picture, I had some warm spots near my face that weren't blending with the iciness of the rest of my hair. This is mainly from sun exposure when I wear a ponytail making my natural warm tones come thru and the lack of proper product.

The main thing I've been focusing on lately was thOSE ENDS. UGH.

I'd been trying to grow my hair out for a long time, but growing and bleaching don't exactly go hand in hand. I was in serious need of a trim and conditioning treatment!

One day at lunch time, I walked into The Loft Hair Design to see if they could help. They're conveniently located on Abbot and Lake Otis on Southside, so they were so close to my work! Janelle took one look at my hair and said OH NO. This is not okay. So, we did the thing!

First we started with a trim. I still wanted to keep most of the length, so we just took off those super fried ends. Imagine the scrubby side of a sponge. That was my hair.

She took me to the shampoo bowl after and started a deep conditioning and re-bonding treatment.

It was crazy how easily my hair dried after that! I have a TON of really course, thick hair. I even shave the bottom half of my head to make styling easier! The brush ran through it like water. MAGIC I TELL YOU.

The results are unmistakably better than the before. I cannot thank Janelle enough for helping to save my hair!

Definitely check out The Lofts Hair Design on Facebook and ask about a consultation. They have many different stylists there that can help you get the hair you want and totally boost your confidence! I felt amazing walking out the door, and I know you will too!

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