Why You Should Give Up Sugar

As hard as it may be to do, quitting sugar offers a lot of health benefits! It can make your skin healthier, help you sleep better, and improve your memory. Who wouldn't want that?

Oh, it will also decrease your risk of getting diabetes and improve your heart health.

Image result for bad sugarNow, while there’s no doubt that sugar is super tasty, at this point most people know that it’s actually really, really bad for you. It’s also pretty addicting which is why it’s often hard to quit the sugar habit.

Once you give up sugar, however, you'll notice those health benefits and end up feeling a lot better! 

Here are some health reasons that may get you to say goodbye to sugar once and for all:

Your skin will get healthier – Cutting back on sugar can do wonders for your skin because your immune system will no longer be trying to kill bacteria in clogged pores. Plus, one study showed that even cutting out just one sugar drink a day can decrease inflammation levels.

Improved sleep – We all know that sluggish feeling when we crash from too much sugar, leading us to reach for more which interrupts sleep patterns. If you eliminate the sugar spikes, you’ll improve your sleep.

Improved memory – sugar can impair learning, with a UCLA study suggesting it can damage brain synapses, which allows cells to communicate and store data. Cut down on sugar and you'll notice that your memory retention is much better!

You decrease the chances of diabetes – People who eat extra calories from sugar are 11 times more likely to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in their lives. If those extra calories came from fat or protein, there is no increased risk for diabetes.

You’ll have a healthy heart – A study showed that people who eat 25% of their calories from sugar have a 30% increased risk of dying from heart disease. It is recommended that only 5% of a person’s daily calories come from sugar.

So, has this helped put sugar into perspective for you? Less sugar = healthier person. Simple as that! Good luck with your health journey and if you've ever cut sugar from your diet, let me know how it affected you. Email me at malie@kgot.com


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