Grieving Mom Asks For A Sign At Son's Grave And Something Amazing Happens

In 2014, Marie Robinson suffered a terrible tragedy when her four-year-old son Jack died from a brain tumor. 

She marked the third anniversary of his passing by visiting his grave in Southern England. While there, she asked her late son to show her a sign and moments later, she noticed a robin flying nearby. Then, the robin landed on Jack's headstone and remarkably, hopped onto Marie's hand. 

Not only is the word robin in her family's last name, but Jack would look for robins any time he went outside.

She captured the amazing graveside experience on her phone and posted it to Facebook, where millions of people have been moved by it. 

Marie, who is overwhelmed by the response to the video, hopes that along with comforting others, it raises awareness about childhood brain tumors, cancer and the grief of losing a child.

I think we can all agree that this is the most moving video we've seen this year. The ones who've left are never lost.

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