DIY of the Day - Succulents!


They're all the rage right now. If you like "minimalism" or you just love the way they look, succulents can be an amazing addition to the home!

Why are succulents so amazing? Well...

  • They're low-maintenance
  • They come in all kinds of colors
  • They can live in teacups
  • They can live in BIRDCAGES...

They will never be tamed.

  • They can really live anywhere...
  • Gravity isn't an issue
  • They add a little green to your life
  • They make excellent party favors
  • You can use their cuttings to grow MORE succulents

All in all, succulents are SUPER cute and really easy to take care of! They're so versatile, you can put them almost anywhere! Which brings me to my next point...



These succulents ARE fake, but that means they're even more low maintenance than before!!! And they're easy to have around kids/pets without any dirty mess.

Looking for something with REAL succulents?



Looking for something a little simpler but still REAL?



And, for anyone who's really trying to show off your craftsmanship/green thumb as soon as your guests walk up to your door, I give you: THE SUCCULENT WREATH!



So, what will you do with your newfound hobby? Show me your DIY succulent projects by emailing me at


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