Spring Clean Your Diet!

Now that spring has FINALLY sprung, it’s time for spring cleaning once again. But in addition to your desk and closets, you should do a little makeover on your eating habits, too. I mean... Summer is right around the corner people!

Here are three simple steps to spring cleaning your diet:

Step 1: Find three unhealthy habits you can easily cut - Relax, no one’s asking you to go vegan or anything, these are supposed to be painless. Maybe swap your usual white rice for quinoa once a week, or break your habit of salting your food before tasting it. These little things you might not even notice you’re doing can add up over time, so cutting them will be an instant upgrade to your diet.

Step 2: Eliminate those foods from your life - This step can be a little tough, so you have to find ways to make it work. If you cut out white rice, but don’t like the way quinoa tastes, try cooking it with some vegetable broth to boost the flavor. If you’re trying to quit adding sugar to your coffee, experiment with a little vanilla almond milk instead of your normal cream.

Step 3: Keep it up until next winter - Okay so this is actually the hard step. But think of how great you’ll feel looking back next Thanksgiving on how far you’ve come. You got this.

Whether you're looking to rock a bikini bod this summer OR just feel healthier overall this year, try these three things and let me know how they work for you! Email me at malie@kgot.com

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