Healthy Twists To Your Favorite Meals

Did you start a diet recently? Are you "cutting carbs" or "giving up bread"?

Well, I just might have an alternative for you so that you can still have the same great meals, but without the bread!

I was browsing Facebook the other day and came across some great videos that show you how to cut some of those processed carbs out of your food without sacrificing the same great taste.

Take a look and tell me what you think! Have you found a way to let go of those processed foods and still make food that tastes great? Email me at

Here are the recipes:

If you don't love avocados, I can't relate. BUT this twist on a classic BLT is sure to taste great while keeping you healthy!

Has it ever occurred to you to have a breakfast sandwich without toast? Me either. Which is why I think this spin on the egg sandwich is so genius!!! I'd probably still end up eating it with a fork, though.

And, of course, here's a recipe. Because you know I just HAD to.

HEALTHY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?! Whaaaaat... These gluten-free sweet treats look super easy to make and, again, you don't have to sacrifice flavor for a healthy alternative!

So, which ones will you try?

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