Grocery Shopping Tips If You're Trying To Stay Healthy

It’s so much easier to eat healthy when your kitchen is loaded with food that’s good for you, right?

In reality, supermarkets make it so hard to avoid temptation. They stack sugary foods and packaged products at the end of every isle. Where is all of the healthy food?!

Here are some tried and true strategies for grocery shopping from true experts - women who’ve lost 50 pounds or more.

Plan your route - Most stores want you to turn to the right up front, which is often where the bakery is. So avoid those sights and smells by mapping out your path and sticking to it.

Read labels closely - Forget the misleading terms on the front of the box - words like “low-fat” and “natural” and read labels for ingredients, total carbs, and serving size. No one really eats 5 chips!

Put your list on repeat - Make a master list of healthy ingredients you want to stock all the time and replenish them as needed.

Stock up on healthy snacks - You can’t eat a whole bag of pretzels if they’re not in your pantry, so skip buying snacks on the naughty list and just fill your cart with healthy choices. Cucumbers can satisfy a crunchy craving and your sweet tooth will be happy with fruit.

Max out your budget on produce - Fresh produce can be expensive, so think of it as a treat and reward yourself with some $5 raspberries instead of chips or soda.

What have you found that works for you? How do you keep it healthy at home? Let me know!

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