Experience Luxury

There's luxury, and then there's LUXURY...

You haven't experienced the latter until you've stopped in the Ultimate Mattress Store.

I'm talking LUXURY side by side by side in their showroom. I was in awe when I first visited the Sleep Specialists! There are so many different mattresses that you can lay on and test out, and there are even more that can be ordered!

The Ultimate Mattress Store doesn't just sell mattresses, though. They make sure that you are fully equipped for your best and most luxurious night's sleep with the right sheets and pillows for you.

I've never slept on a more luxurious mattress than my Foresight from the iComfort Series by Serta. It's medium-soft and has all the right support in all the right places. I seriously feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud!

Stop by the Ultimate Mattress Store on New Seward and Benson TODAY to find your most luxurious night's sleep! Just tell them #MalieD sent ya!

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