Basic and Douchey

Move over #BadAndBoujee... "Basic and Douchey" is taking over.

We all have at least one guy friend who does these things.

How to know if you're a "basic" guy:

  • You wear Adidas Slides with tall white socks
  • You wear Sperry's (boat shoes for the non-basic)
  • Pastel colored shorts/tops are an everyday outfit
  • You still wear Axe body spray

Image result for cute guy wearing adidas slides with socksHow to know if you're a "douchey" guy:

  • You keep blabbing about your fantasy team
  • You keep the stickers on your flat-billed hats
  • You grunt while doing curls
  • Every pic on Snapchat/Instagram is you in the bathroom
  • You wear your sunglasses inside. Or worse, at night
  • You keep empty liquor bottles on display like trophies

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