Healthy Habits You Need Since Daylight Savings Happened

Welp, whether you like it or not, daylight saving time is here. We're all doing our best to adjust, but it's always tough!

Image result for daylight savingsNow that you’ll have a chance of seeing some sunshine still out when you finally leave the office for the day, pick up some of these healthy habits to make the most of the time change.

Be playful - Enjoy the sunshine and bring out your inner child by doing activities you liked when you were a kid but haven’t done in years. Fly a kite, play some kickball, or do some sidewalk hopscotch while you soak up some vitamin D. They still sell Razor scooters at Wal-Mart too btw...

Exercise outside - Studies show that doing physical activity outside has a bigger impact on our mental and physical well-being, makes us happier, and more enthusiastic. You’re inside all the time, so get out and do some yoga, walking, or meditation!

Disconnect - Make the most of being outdoors by disconnecting from technology. Put down your phone and reading a book or taking a day to hike with friends and keep the phone on airplane mode.

Take advantage of the extra light - When the days get longer and you have hours of daylight left after work, put them to good use! Go for a bike ride or take the dog for a long walk - pick something you actually like doing so you’ll look forward to it and make it a healthy habit.

Make the most of this "extra" daylight! There are so many amazing things to do, whether you decide to go outside or feng shui your house. Spend a little time on you, okay?


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