Blast That Belly Fat

You know what? I've almost given up.

I see myself losing inches in some areas, but this belly just WON'T GO AWAY.

Sometimes no matter how clean you eat and how dirty you train, you just can't shed that tummy flab. So, I thought of a few things to consider when thinking about why you can't lose that weight.

  • You are so stressed - Dr. Georgie Fear says stress related adrenal hormones increase your body's susceptibility to storing any extra calories around your belly. In short, RELAX.
  • You only do ab exercises and nothing else - FYI, spot training does not work. I've tried it and it's true. Dr. Albert Matheny says that, while it's great to build muscle, it won't shred fat on top of the muscle to reveal it. Sometimes I feel like I just look bloated.
  • You eat lots of processed foods - According to BMJ Journal, 90% of the average Americans' intake of added sugar is from processed, high sugar foods. If you don't know what that crazy 24 letter word means in the ingredients, don't eat it.
  • Maybe it's not fat - It could just be bloat. In this case, it might make sense to eat high-fiber foods that can help you digest properly. I'm even thinking about doing a cleanse to help clean the excess toxins and buildup from my system.
  • You don't intake enough protein - A recent study showed that women who ate more fiber lost more weight and cut more belly fat than those who didn't!

Image result for woman meditateSo, what will you do? "Spring" is here and summer is coming fast, so it's time to get bikini ready! Let me know what you've noticed has worked for you in the past when trying to shed stubborn fat by emailing me at


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