Sleep Math

Let's do some simple math... Luxury + Mattress (YOU) = Ultimate Night Sleep

You spend almost 1/3 of your life sleeping. And you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress that is wrong for your body type, you could be wasting that time in bed tossing and turning. 

Now, what if you found a mattress that fits your way of sleeping and body type? You would sleep most restfully, be more productive the next day. 

Find the most luxurious mattress that's right for you without breaking the bank at the Ultimate Mattress Store. So, whether you sleep on you back, side, or stomach, each mattress has different benefits fit your sleep style. 

Talk with a sleep specialist today at the Ultimate Mattress Store today. They have over 20 years experience finding the right mattresses for their clients. Go in today and tell them CaseyB sent you in to find your ultimate night sleep.

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