There's An App To Find 'Mom Friends'

I have a lot of mommy friends. They know that the struggle to make new mom friends is real. It’s hard enough just getting out of the house with your little ones and, not to mention, striking up a conversation with a mom you meet out can be as awkward as a first date. But someone created an app called Peanut to connect moms with other potential mom friends nearby – like Tinder is for dating, but hopefully without the demeaning nudie pics...

Peanut is the app, and it's totally FREE! It just came out in beta form for iPhone users and it works by connecting to your Facebook profile to grab photos, location, and occupation to create your profile. That makes set up fast, but if you don’t like a certain goofy photo, don’t worry - you can edit it. The app is made for any moms with kids up to 16 and those pregnant mamas-to-be. It asks you about your kids ages, which could be handy for play dates.

You get to choose three badges to describe yourself, so other moms get an idea of who you are. There are fun choices like “Hot Mess,” “Spiritual Gangster,” “Mom Boss,” and “Sleep Deprived.” And there are badges that will help you find like-minded moms, like “Fitness Fiend,” “Bookworm,” and they have badges for single mamas and moms of special needs kids.

Then, you swipe through moms to try to connect. If you see a potential pal, you “wave” to each other and once you do, you can start messaging each other. You can also do group chats and create events to meet up in real life. Since taking care of kids can leave you feeling isolated, this could be a better way to meet friends than trying to talk to strangers at the park!

What do you think? Try Peanut for free today!

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