February Update with The Alaska Club

February 2017

Weight: 182.6

Body Fat %: 30% (Down 3.4%!)

Diet: Clean *mostly* as in, trying to stay away from cheese and wheat.

It's been a month since I started working out at The Alaska Club full time and BOY it's been an awesome ride! I reached out to my friends on Facebook to see if they had any specific recommendations on which AK Club personal trainer they thought I'd be a good match with and I think I found my "fitness other half"!

My awesome PT Logan Hupe has been a God-send. I work out with him twice a week at the West Club and I don't think I've ever had so much fun at the gym! Not only do we get along, but he really cares about me and my fitness goals. Shout out to his girlfriend, Carson, for getting us together!

Logan is one of MANY personal trainers at The Alaska Club. With 10 different locations including Eagle River, Wasilla, AND Palmer, you honestly can't go wrong in finding that perfect trainer for you. I'm so happy with how well he listens to my needs and makes sure I'm sticking to my workout regime so I can hit those goals!

Since I've been training with Logan, I've lost 5 pounds!!! FIVE POUNDS PEOPLE! In a month!!! That's the fastest fitness progression I've ever had! He constantly reminds me to drink more water and eat clean. I feel amazing! So many of my friends have told me that they can already tell that I'm losing weight because my face is looking slimmer. GAH making me blush over here! It's all thanks to him. My training is always personal, never cold or impersonal, and he even works out with me sometimes.

Logan challenged me to the 22 push-up challenge, a challenge circulating the Internet to bring awareness and support to the 22 military members, on average, who commit suicide each day. We live stream our push-ups and challenge other friends as well!

Working out at the Alaska Club has been a blast. Each facility is well maintained with a knowledgeable staff who is always willing to help. I end up feeling right at home at any of the locations I go to! My good friend, Alyssa, and I take pop-up classes at the South Club and we've found many that we love to frequent. Of course, hanging out in the beautiful spa at the Summit is definitely a plus. I think I'm going to get a facial and massage next time I'm there!

All in all, I can't believe just how many amenities the AK Club has at all of their locations. I'm so proud of myself for sticking to my goals and committing to a healthy lifestyle change! Here's to New Year's Resolutions and that #fitlife!

5 pounds down, many more to go! Thanks, Logan!!!

Check out our 22 push-up challenge below...

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