10 Year-Old Gets Photobombed By A Shark

A member of the Hasson family got up close and personal with a shark during a trip to the beach in Australia and only knew it thanks to dad Chris Hasson's photography skills. He was snapping pictures of his 10-year-old son Eden surfing the waves of off Samurai Beach when he noticed something menacing in one of the shots. 

What might have been a small great white shark photobombed Eden. “I saw the second photo and (thought) - no way,” Chris remembers. “I quickly called him in and whistled.” As for Eden, he told his dad he saw something in the water but figured it was seaweed.

The close encounter didn't keep the Hassons out of the water for long. Chris, Eden, and his 12 and five-year-old siblings were back in the water the next day.

Check out the pictures! Would you get back in the water?

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