Local Love: Kayco Daily

I've known this young brother for a while now. Going back to the days when I used to work at another station across town and we had a show with Naughty By Nature. And young Mr. Kayco and friend Makana Justice had a then budding hip hop group called K2K. And they got to open. That's where I first saw him shine with his brotha on stage. There was some nervousness and then some, but that's where it all started for me with him. That's Kayco in the background in the picture below. 

That was back in October of 2010. Fast forward almost 7 years and this young brother has stepped his game up in a major way. The shine and polish on his skills. His dedication to his craft. His flow. His presentation. All amazing. Reppin' his city to the fullest! And doing big things! Shout out to the Bad Agenda family!

Take a moment to peep some samples from his latest work "Lazy Genius". My favorite is track #4 "Frank Sinatra Machine Gun Freestyle".

Plus this weekend, he's doing big things as well opening up for 2 Chainz at the Sullivan Arena this Satrurday. Peep the video! 

And here he is with another local favorite of mine Mr. Tayy Tarantino! Also performing this weekend at the Sully opening for 2 Chainz! ***Language & Content Warning***

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