By Kathleen Perricone

We’ve all seen it in the movies … a person becomes possessed by a demonic spirit and they make crazy sounds and convulse a la The Exorcist.

But did the real thing happen to three Americans in San Juan Tlacotenco, Mexico?

In a new video that has gone viral, Alexandra Huerta, 22, is seen strapped down to a gurney in an ambulance and interchangeably growling and laughing, after apparently becoming possessed after she played with a Ouija board.

According to the Daily Mail, Alexandra’s 23-year-old brother and 18-year-old cousin also had to be hospitalized after complaining of blindness, deafness, and hallucinations.

Doctors reportedly treated Alexandra with three painkillers, anti-stress medication, and eye drops, and it apparently worked.

No word yet on whether this is the real deal or a hoax … or Jimmy Kimmel pranking us yet again!

What do you think?

Via: Daily Mail