Photo: Getty Images

By Marc Inocencio

Lucy Hale, who released her debut album Road Between in June, may be more well-known for her role as Aria Montgomery on the ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars – but the rising country singer tells Cosmopolitan Magazine that she has a strong interest in a music career.

“So many people didn’t want to touch the project with a 10-foot pole,” she said. “Literally, I had people laughing and saying, ‘You’re making an album? Good luck.’ … But if you sit down and talk music with me for 10 minutes, you know that’s my passion.”

This “real passion” may hint at a bigger focus on her music, but fear not, the Tennessee native is not leaving her acting career behind — considering she auditioned for the racy role of Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey.

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