Photo: Getty Images

By Hannah Perrin

Zac Efron recently won the MTV Movie Awards for Best Shirtless Performance for his role in That Awkward Moment (how can we forget Rita Ora ripping his shirt off during his acceptance speech?).

But it turns out, the extremely-toned actor has been shirtless for a lot of his roles and bless MTV for compiling all of Zac’s shirtless movie scenes over the years into one short video clip.

His latest role in Neighbors with Seth Rogen also features Zac shirtless for most of the movie, probably due to his idol and co-star’s pranks.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Zac explained he looked up to Seth so much, he would do whatever he said, no questions asked. Naturally, Seth took advantage of this and would tell the star to take off his shirt, even when the script didn’t call for it. Zac also joked that he soon began to realize sometimes the cameras were not even on him.

Needless to say, the movie went straight to the top of the box office earning $51.1 million in its opening weekend.