Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

NBC’s Matt Lauer is taking over for sportscaster Bob Costas at the Winter Olympics will he recovers from a bad case of pink eye.

The anchor is happy to help step in, although is being cautious as to not catch the same virus!

“I went in yesterday and they put me in a completely different dressing room,” Matt shares. “The makeup artist Kris, who has been his longtime makeup artist, told me that she guaranteed me she bought all new makeup and all new brushes. The chair I was sitting in was not his chair, but they still wiped it down. Then I walked into the studio and they told me, ‘Don’t worry. We’ve wiped the counters down. We’ve wiped the chair down.’”

Matt adds he’s bummed that the sportscaster isn’t able to be there. “I feel bad for Bob because no one wants to be in that chair more than Bob Costas … but I looked at him … and there’s no way he could’ve been in that chair last night.”

We’re wishing Bob a speedy recovery! Until then, catch Matt and the rest of the gang on NBC.