Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

By Kathleen Perricone

With Ryan‘s deadline for getting a puppy quickly approaching, none other than Lassie stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday to “chat” with him about being a dog and how he can be a good owner.

The Rough Collie, the 10th in the lineage of the original Lassie, was accompanied by her spokesperson Ame Van Iden, who explained to us that “Lassie is the perfect dog. She really represents the best quality in every dog. And there’s a little bit of Lassie in every dog.”

But just because Lassie can’t speak, it doesn’t mean she can’t communicate. In fact, she answered all of Ryan’s questions … with barks (of course), which Ryan was able to translate.

Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

When he asked her why he should get a dog, Lassie explained that “companionship” and “unconditional love” were just two of the qualities canines give back to their owners.

“Did Timmy ever fall in the well?” asked Ryan, to which she “barked” that it was indeed true.

Lassie also confirmed that she has been to the In-N-Out on Sunset Boulevard, she believes it’s weird that “humans don’t sniff rear ends,” and the best part of being famous is “hair and makeup.”

Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

In her down time, Lassie is also the first four-legged ambassador for Best Friends Animal Society and is behind their Save Them All campaign.

And she’ll be making her first public appearance in her new role this Sunday, May 4, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the NKLA Pet Adoption Weekend at the La Brea Tar Pits, so stop by and meet her, take a photo with her … and also help out dogs and cats who need a good forever home.