Photo: The CW

By Kathleen Perricone

How hard is to become famous?

That’s the basis of The CW’s Famous in 12, which is a social experiment-reality show created by TMZ to see if they can turn an ordinary family into stars in just 12 weeks.

Harvey Levin called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday morning to give us all the details on the show, which will follow the Artiagas family from Beaumont, California.

“About a year ago, we put the word out … Is there a family out there that wants to be famous like the Kardashians?” explains Harvey. “And we got 10,000 videos from families all over the world. And we found this one family, the Artiagas, that live in a small town … they’ve felt this way for years. They’ve craved it and they’ve wanted it so bad. So we moved them to Hollywood and we’re giving them 12 weeks to become famous. And they’re not going to do it off their talent … they’re going to get famous from scheming.”

One example of that, which will be on tonight’s premiere, is the daughters — Taliah, 26, Jameelah, 22, and Maariyah, 16 — photobombing a celebrity.

“They go out to Craig’s, which is one of the hot restaurants in L.A. … [Donald Sterling's wife] Shelly Sterling comes out,” explains Harvey. “These girls latch onto her. It was unbelievable, literally putting their arm around her, walking her to the car. They’re telling the paparazzi to go away, talking to them about Donald Sterling … So the whole show is about what can they do to get out there. Social media is a huge part of the show.”

While Ryan had Harvey on the phone, he had to ask about TMZ’s big story that Justin Bieber was the reason for Rita Ora‘s split from Calvin Harris.

“What we’re hearing is it’s a big reason why Calvin ended the relationship with Rita,” he says. “And no coincidentally, Rita ended up in Mexico with Justin Bieber last week, o there have been rumblings about this for a while.”

Famous in 12 premieres tonight, June 10, 8/7c on The CW!