Hey pals,

I started a new adventure and challenge on my 34th birthday (April 1st, no joke). I'm not quite the great athlete I once was back in high school, but I still like to get out and hike, golf and play softball during the summers. I've gained some weight, not getting any younger, and now I'm finding ailments in my body I've never experienced before. Stiff back, bum knee, sore hips and joints, etc.

So, I wanted to find a low impact workout that would not only help me lose weight, but also focus on my balance and flexibility. That's when I found CORE PILATES.

I didn't know what Pilates actually was until I walked in and got a full tour of the facility. They have different classes to fit your fitness needs. Whether you are rehabbing from an injury, just had a child and want to firm up and get rid of that baby fat, or you and some friends want to buddy up and wanting a more personal class then a lot of these big box athletic clubs have to offer. They have a free intro class every Saturday at 9am that I highly recommend attending to see if this would something you would like to try. The trainers walk you through all the different exercises, classes and machines you would be using during your experience at Core Pilates.

When I used to go to the gym, I'd get on the treadmill or elliptical and get some cardio in for 30 minutes. Then jump into weights or rack machines that I felt weren't doing me any good. I almost felt lost in a crowd of sweaty people. Pilates classes are small maybe 10-12 people max. Trainers who are there to assist you and walk you through each workout, even modifying a workout if you have a previous ailment. The classes are mix of beginners and intermediates working at their own pace.

I'll be keeping this blog up and updating often to tell you how my progress is going. Plus, showing you different things I've learned along the way by going to Core Pilates for my 10 week challenge.

Discover how Core Pilates can help you reach your fitness goals by give them a call at 274-CORE and schedule to come in for their FREE introduction class on Saturday morning at 9am.


Cheers to healthy living,



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