We’ve all heard our fair share of pick-up lines but one guy decided to  re-write the whole game, and has gone viral in the process.

The internet has dubbed him “StarbucksDrakeHands” guy — with good reason.

As per the interwebs, he recently hit on a girl in a Los  Angeles-area Starbucks. She reluctantly gave him her number and 24 hours later he sends her a video some would describe as bizarre.

In the video, the unidentified man poses into the camera with a dead stare,  then cracks a smile before taking his hand to cover what appears to be his blushing face.

It all happens while Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” plays in the  background.




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This should be fun! GO!!!!

See others try to master the #StarbucksDrakeHands  http://instagram.com/starbucksdrakehands

I'm trying my best, but still don't come across as bad as the original...LOL ~KCB