Looking for a challenging strength and endurance based class? This is the one for you! Utilizing all the equipment Stott has to offer, we will take you station to station in a fun, energizing class! For beginners and advanced levels since you work at your own pace.

Today's Core Pilates Circuit Class w/Alexa was awesome!!! 26 different exercises, 2 minutes each station, FULL body workout in under an hour.

Planks, side bends, pushups, wall sits are just some of the exercises that I recognized. Then we started doing Wolverine, mountain climbers, swan dives and Elephants.

The one thing I love about Core Pilates is that everyone is working at there own pace because we all have different body types, strengths and weaknesses. If you are not doing an exercise properly, Alexa would come over and give you a little insight on proper technique. If you have trouble because of a previous injury, then she would modify the exercise for you to get the most benefit.

I'm already into week 3 of my challenge to get healthier and down 9 pounds. I can feel myself becoming more flexible, stronger in my beer gut which is slowly going away, and more energized.

If you want to learn how Core Pilates can help you reach your fitness goal, come to their FREE intro class on Saturday mornings. Call ahead to join the class because space is limited. 274-CORE or visit their website at www.corepilatesak.com