1. Do a patriotic manicure. Nothing says freedom quite like a red, white, and blue manicure. If you’re feeling ambitious, try to replicate the stars and stripes with an accent nail!

2. Buy red, white, and blue Adirondack chairs. One quick visit to your local Home Depot, and you’ll be sitting on the patriot’s equivalent of the Iron Throne

3. Decorate using no less than 10 American flags. You might have an American flag flying from your flagpole year-round, but on this holiday, one isn’t sufficient. Buy at least 10 more flags of varying sizes and stick them everywhere. If you really truly love the land of the free, create a perimeter of American flags that frames your entire front yard.

4. Interrupt the flood of nationalistic Facebook posts with some cynical political commentary that promises to unspangle someone’s banner. “I won’t be proud to be an American as long as Obama’s in office…”

5. Wear red, white, and blue and mention it in conversation as often as possible. Make sure you let everyone know that wearing the color of America’s (and France’s, Australia’s, Luxembourg’s, Russia’s, Thailand’s, Cuba’s, etc.) flag was not a coincidence.

6. Horrify everyone when you try to hit the high note at, “land of the free” during the national anthem. You may not be invited to sing at any baseball games, but you’ll be making an important statement that rivals the Boston Tea Party.

7. Wear an Uncle Sam hat (usually after drinking heavily). It’s not flattering on everyone, but when you combine American pride and headwear, magic happens.

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